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Museum of Thermal Machines Orazio Giulia Centanin


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Aperta dalle 10:00 alle 18:00 la prima e terza domenica dal mese e il 6/12 e l'8/12. Chiuso 1 dicembre, 25 dicembre, 26 dicembre, 31 dicembre, 1 gennaio, 6 gennaio.

Entrance Cost

4€ intero/2 € ridotto per persona

Museum Information

Address: Via Petrarca, 44 – 35043 Monselice

The Thermal Machines collection, dedicated to Orazio and Giulia Centanin, is housed in a large structure of the 50s originally designed to host the fruit and vegetable market. There
restructuring, which took place in 2001, was carried out with the intention of maintaining the old building integrating it with steel and glass curtain walls in order to underline the industrial character that the new building would have assumed. The collection consists mainly of steam engines, fixed and self-propelled and different machines dating back to the period between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century; these machines were used in the field of land reclamation of wetlands.
The collection began with steam locomobiles once adopted by Centanin family for the cultivation and exploitation of their land of the Euganean area; to these specimens were then added other machines, of different origins, which have enriched the collection up to the current consistency; this includes steam locomotives of the main manufacturers of the time (Ruston, Marshall, Breda) fixed steam engines with horizontal cylinders of design,
different power and construction (Franco Tosi, Neville), steam generators and steam machines. There are also other machines powered by diesel engines and petrol engines: the two large diesel engines were used in the large water-based plants of Ca 'Bianca (Chioggia) and Acquanera (Pernumia) for the evacuation of the water collected in the depressed lands during the rains or during floods.

 Feasts and Events

At the Museum of Thermal Machines Orazio Giulia Centanin can be organized parties / events, to know more, see the menu item  Feaste and Events that is on the home page.


In this structure, birthdays and private parties can be organized. To consult information see the menu item  Birthdays in the museum.



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