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lose to the Euganean Hills, in the heart of one of the largest spa areas in Italy, there is the first Butterfly House built in our country and one of the first in the world. A path immersed in the rainforests of Amazonia, Africa and Asia will involve you with its colors, its sounds and hundreds of butterflies free to fly. And then many spectacular animals: from bearded dragons to large tropical insects (here I would insert some other examples of "spectacular animals" that can be found in the Butterfly House).
Do not miss the fantastic interactive workshops open to all organized on holidays: an extraordinary opportunity to learn all the secrets of some of our guests on four, two and six legs and have an unforgettable tactile experience!


The route begins in the teaching room, where you can get a taste of the extreme biodiversity in the world of butterflies. Immediately afterwards you will have the chance to discover one of the most famous Lepidoptera in the world: the monarch butterfly. After a few steps, passing a small bridge over a small lake, you will enter the first room of the Butterfly House: the Garden of Eden, where art and beautiful blue butterflies will merge around the reconstruction of an ancient tropical tree. You will then discover the nymphs hatching and if you are lucky you will witness the birth of a new butterfly! 

After the video room you will be ready to enter the real tropical greenhouse. The first garden represents the Amazon region: a luxuriant vegetation and butterflies of every color and size will welcome you into their world. The splendid "Morpho", butterflies with garish blue metallic color, and the colorful "Heliconidi", which use colors warn the predators of their toxicity. Do not hurry, but take a few minutes to observe the frenetic work of leaf cutting ants. After visiting the Amazon, just a simple step to cross the ocean and find yourself in the Indo-Australian region where, following the various papilionids you will find the plants where they lay their eggs and grow the young caterpillars. After exploring the Indo-Australia you will be ready to change dimension and go into the magical Fairy Woods ...

The Fairy Woods is a magical place that contiunues the pathof the Butterfly House. It located within a park of 6000 square meters, where adults and children are enchanted by legends and fantastic characters that populate the imagination and popular tradition. In your walk you will encounter pictorial reproductions of orcs, elves and fairies, but also strange stones and suspicious trees that will observe you; if all goes well, you can even go to the lake of the fisherman goblin and the ancient stone labyrinth. The Bosco delle Fate is based on ancient local stories and elements belonging to the imaginary world of fairies that characterize the Indo-European tradition; among the most fascinating the Labyrinth of Stones, the Sacred Garden of the Druids and the Hill of the Fairies. Some of these were represented live for the first time, collecting stories from oral tradition. In the woods you can also meet animated characters; among these the King of the Trolls, which tells of the short stories that have to do with the magical and invisible world, or the Gitano Carriage, with inside a real speaking Oracle, which can be interrogated to have essays responsi both in Italian that in English. The Bosco delle Fate also hosts a space dedicated to the world of water, rich in rare and protected species, and an area where you can closely observe the giant moths.

WARNING: Experience has shown us that the Fairy Wood evokes very different reactions in visitors. These sometimes also include a trivialization of its contents and a complete lack of understanding of its message. Not everyone appreciates it; those who appreciate it, and are very many, understand its evocative dimension, which goes far beyond the collection of objects painted and carved with the meaning that often can escape. Its value lies right here: in the possibility, as also happens for many other things, to find the right key to it and let yourself be carried away by the emotions and stories that are told. These are all rigorously drawn from stories that have characterized our mystical relationship with nature; visitors often take in the most ecological aspects and not those, sometimes very harsh, related to the relationship between good and evil and the difficulty of surviving even tragic events. The Fairy Woods has a positive message: it wants to give for a moment, the possibility to see things from different points of view.

Walking in the Fairy Woods can be a way to understand our world and deal with it in the right way, but also a help to understand the "middle world", paying attention to everything that is transition, which appears for a moment in a fleeting way and that has suspended nature. The ancients attributed this property to the mistletoe, a parasitic plant that lives among the branches of the trees, suspended between earth and sky. It might be easier for us to see the "middle world" in a drop of dew, which is not rain water, but not even water from rivers and lakes; in its ephemeral existence, looking inward carefully, we could see the reality that surrounds us mirrored.

The Butterfly Arc Fairy Woods, is a place where our senses are amplified thanks to technology, through the use of tools that will serve to make us feel better the voice of nature that surrounds us. It will be up to you to try, and to make this happen more and more. 

Educational Services and Guided Tour


The Educational Services are aimed at all levels of education, from kindergarten to secondary schools. The educational activities consist of guided tours, educational workshops and interventions in the classroom. Guided tours are held at the Butterfly House, at the Fairy Woods, at Esapolis and at the Monte Alto Oasis; the guide decides, from time to time and on the basis of the group's knowledge, the level and duration of the visits. The laboratory activities, always diversified by age groups, are intended to promote the sense of connection and intimacy with nature through a deepening and direct experience that can also include physical interaction with some specimens. Class interventions include a lively lecture with games and live animals in order to understand the basic ecological concepts related to the insect world; children and boys are also explained the right approaches to be taken towards wild animals. For more information visit our section dedicated to schools, guided tours and interactive workshops scuole, visite guidate e laboratori interattivi.


Save the butterflies


The butterflies that you can admire at the Butterfly House come from various tropical countries and every week they travel thousands of miles to get here. The journey takes place in the phase of chrysalis, during which these animals do not need to feed themselves or do other activities. When they arrive, the chrysalises are placed in special incubators that allow their natural hatching and the exit of the butterfly. The larval phase, on the other hand, is experienced in the country of origin, where specialized farms take care of raising young caterpillars, encouraging their growth and development before transforming into a chrysalis. Breeders live in close contact with the tropical forest, from which they collect basic necessities such as food and wood and at the same time butterflies and feeding plants for caterpillars. In the farms, the butterflies lay the eggs from which the caterpillars are born; these (which in nature are subject to high mortality) are fed in the protected environment of the farms until the time of the exploitation. At that point the chrysalises obtained are sent to the Butterfly Houses all over the world. In this way, farmers and local populations have the possibility of having constant income; depending on the good health of the forests, they are actively engaged in their preservation and often in the reforestation of the areas degraded by other unsustainable activities. Butterfly Arc has been involved in many research and conservation projects for many years. To know the most salient elements you can visit the page "Research and Conservation" on the website. "Ricerca e Conservazione".


Parties and Events

At the Butterfly House and Fairy Woods, as in other museums managed by Butterfly Arc, parties and events are hosted. To find out more, see the menu parties and events Feste e Eventi that can be found on the home page of this site Paginia Princiale (Home Page) .

Birthdays and Weddings

Birthdays and weddings are also celebrated at this property. To consult the information, enter the menu item Birthdays and Weddings at the Museum
 Compleanni e Matrimoni al Museo in the Home Page of this site Paginia Princiale (Home Page)


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