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Esapolis is the first great insectarium in Italy and is the fruit of a fruitful collaboration between the Province of Padua and Butterfly Arc. Esapolis was built after the great restoration of an important building of the early '900 that housed the most important national bacological station. The latter is still part of the complex; it is located in a building located at the back of the main building and is an important assistance, conservation and research organization of the CRA (Agricultural Research Center) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which maintains and studies a large amount of one hundred races, of silkworms. The activity of this bacological station, historically one of the most important in the world, dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and the historical collections of instruments, tools, books and above all of berry races from all over the world are now part of the Esapolis Museum . These collections are currently among the most important in the world, so as to receive constant attention also from the Chinese. China, which is the historic homeland of the silkworm and the world's largest silk producer, with the Hangzhou National Silk Museum of China, along with distinguished scientists, professors and researchers from prestigious national and international universities, often come into contact with the curators and researchers of Esapolis. The collections, presented in antique furniture and windows of great value, are already sufficient reason to plan a view at the Museum.

If the historical collections and the important building are the base of the Museum, its exhibition path is projected in multiple directions that include important and numerous living exhibits that include the micro mega world of insects, arachnids and many other small beings that form the most great animal biomass of our planet.

In Esapolis the visitor is not a mere observer of the elements present, but the actor protagonist of more or less direct interactions. In addition to the stable exhibitions listed below, other exhibits vary and evolve over time (such as photographic exhibitions, sculptural exhibitions and various other exhibits). Esapolis will capture you through the continuous stimulation of the senses and the mind with modern technological installations and interactive laboratories.


Some of the rooms in the Esapolis museum itinery


Insects & friends

A pair of antennae, three pairs of legs and a body divided into three parts: we begin our journey presenting insects, illustrating their characteristics and discovering the differences with the other animals, invertebrates and not, that we will meet in our path.

The silkworms

In this section you can retrace the history of silkworms in Italy and around the world, observe their biological cycle, know the different varieties of fibers, the machinery and the techniques for spinning. On Sundays, those who wish, can also try their hand at processing techniques. You will also know the other invertebrates that produce fibers that are useful for humans too.

The bees

The bees are used by man since the dawn of time and still today support large economies. They are extremely evolved insects that live in complex societies. You will be able to observe them closely while carrying out their activities and you can do it in absolute safety. You will learn about the different qualities of honey and the techniques for collecting and processing products.


It is definitely a thrilling experience! You will have the opportunity to see up close some of the larger scorpions, the most feared spiders and some other strange little-known relative. We absolutely don't suggest this to people which are afraid of spiders!

Naturalist's room

Since ancient times man has always been attracted to nature and has had a great thirst for knowledge. Here are some curiosities that have characterized the evolution of the Anthomology through the centuries, from the time when, strange to say, even such a particular passion constituted a fashion.

Insect evolution

We will retrace together a story that is hundreds of millions of years old through a tactile tank and real "living fossils". We will go to the discovery of the evolution of insects and we will take a look at the future trying to enter the time machine to become "insectmen".

Science and multimedia fun

Visitors will be able to try out some of the most innovative technologies to get directly in touch with the world of insects, in a very interesting and fun way. The four-dimensional cinema, the holographic theater and the chroma-key, are waiting for you to introduce you to these curious and fascinating animals.

Educational and interactive workshops

During the workshops participants will be able to deepen some concepts related to the world of arthropods and will be able to interact with some animals under the guidance of an educator. For school groups and groups we offer upon reservation a wide range of educational workshops, diversified by type and according to the age of the participants. On Sundays and public holidays, interactive workshops are open to the public.

Insettolandia: the children's museum

Insettolandia is a special place, where the little ones can learn about the fabulous world of insects through the game. This is the place where children can learn, participate and express their emotions. A museum reserved for them, designed and made to measure for them.I

The historical library

The historical library has been collecting texts and periodicals since the 18th century and presents itself as a precious tool for understanding the birth and evolution of silkworm culture in Italy. In this section the researchers have the opportunity to consult the historical Italian, Japanese, Russian and many other parts of the world.

Various services

Esapolis is equipped with various services to facilitate your visit: easy access for people with disabilities, parking, picnic area, covered snack area, bathrooms and a well-stocked shop where you can buy your souvenir.



Parties and Events

Many events are created at the Esapolis museum and many parties are prepared; To find out more, see the menu item Holidays and Events Feste e Eventi on the home page.

Birthdays and weddings

Birthdays and even weddings are also celebrated at this property. To see the information go to see the menu item Birthdays and weddings at the museum Compleanni e matrimoni al museo located under "Euganean Provincial Museums"


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