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Museum of Palazzo Santo Stefano




Piazza Antenore, 3,35121 Padova Phone: +39 049 8910189 – +39 049 8201111

1. What do you visit?

2. How is the museum itinerary structured?

3. Timetables and prices

4. How to book?

5. Schools and groups

6. Accessibility

What do you visit?

Historic site since 1868 of the Province of Padua and the Prefecture, Palazzo Santo Stefano is a treasure trove of beauties and memories still little known not only by foreigners, but also by the citizens themselves. Its origins date back to the year one thousand as a female Benedictine monastery, but there are many transformations that have occurred especially after the Napoleonic suppression of 1810.
From mid-February 2019 the historic building in the heart of Padua will open its doors to schools, tourists and citizens as an Urban Museum, part of a wider process of development started by the Province with its museum network.

Visitors to the Museum can learn about this piece of history set in the center of Padua: a place to discover with the artistic and architectural beauties enclosed in its halls and the grand staircase of the historical entrance, and thanks to the recent work done by the Province, with a novelty unknown to most: an exhibition of a museum itinerary inside a restored underground shelter and an anti-aircraft bunker built during the war.

At the Museum of Palazzo Santo Stefano, you can visit unique places from the artistic, architectural and historical point of view, but also view historical films of the Istituto Luce di Roma, testimonies and archival documents, video interviews with experts, as well as seeing some exposed memorabilia from the 2nd World War, including a 1000-pound American plane bomb, for the first time exposed to the national public and coming from the 5th Infrastructures Department - Italian Army of Padua.

In preview, the project also documents three types of shelters of the twentieth century: antigas, tubular and anti-aircraft, all coming from MIBAC - Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities, Directorate General for Archives, State Archive of Padua. In the museum's new teaching room, in an underground space not far from the antigas shelter, it is possible to see many historical materials, including those of the UNPA, National Anti-aircraft Protection Union, and also an electromechanical siren "La Sonora", coming from Fire Police, National Corps, Padua.



 How is the museum itinerary structured?

The museum itinerary unfolds in three parts: the first, through the grand staircase, between the ground, first and basement floors of the building; the second includes a visit to the underground cave shelter, and the third - along Piazza Antenore and Riviera Tito Livio - leads to the anti-aircraft shelter U.N.P.A.

The first part includes an information room on the first floor, where you can view historical films, testimonies and archival documents and artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries. You then enter the nineteenth-century rooms: Sala di Rappresentanza, Sala Consiliare and Sala Giunta.
The second part includes a visit to the underground cave shelter, made accessible thanks to the restoration and safety measures, recently carried out by the Province of Padua, precisely to highlight the historical-architectural importance of this place with many suggestions.

Finally, the visit continues in its last part in Riviera Tito Livio, in the entrance to the high school, where a new entrance portal in stone, highlights the anti-aircraft shelter UNPA, used as a bunker by the German Command. Also in this case the restoration and safety work recently carried out by the Province of Padua was fundamental, to show the secrets of this place of great historical-architectural relevance and definitely suggestive.

The path ends in the medieval cloister of the Liceum Tito Livio, the original Benedictine monastery of Santo Stefano, with its valuable architecture rich in history, where 4 air-raid shelters for students and teachers have recently been located in the underground spaces of the school.


Timetables and prices

 - The vist to the Museum is guided and allowed at predefiened time (slot) only of a maximum of about 10 people per slot. The visit takes about an hour and is is for free but booking is reccomanded (for reservation clik here). Opening is friday afternoon from 15:30 to 19:00 and is possible only by guided tour that take palce every 30 minute.

- Guided tour on non-holiday days is als possible by reserving it at 0498910189 or by contacting us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In this case the guided tour costs 40 euros/hour  for a maximum of about 10 people.

 Slots timetables for start guided tours on Friday only:

Afternoon: 15:00 - 15:30 - 16:00 - 16:30 - 17:00 - 17:30 - 18:00 -18:30 - 19.00 


How to book?

 For visitors not in organized groups it is possible to book  with ONLINE RESERVATION: on the site (only possible on Fridayfor)

Warning! It is advisable to book at least 30 minutes before the start of the guided tour. Bookings made later or on dates prior to the day and time at which the reservation is made, even if accepted by the online system, are not guaranteed and / or there is no refund for the cost of the reservation. Punctuality is recommended (arrive a few minutes before the guided tour). No delay is allowed, you can not access the guided tour started and in any case the cost of the reservation is not returned, nor can the time and day be changed.

Only in case of cancellation of reservations for reasons that prevent the proper management of the museum, the user will be refunded only for the reservation.

You can book up to a maximum of 6 tickets per slot, as long as you are available on the online booking site, by day and time selected.

The online reservation costs € 1 per person, up to a maximum of 6 tickets.


OR PRESENTING DIRECTLY ON THE ENTRANCE there are no costs, but there is the risk that there are no free seats for the guided tour. You can book at the moment when guided tours depart (see timetables above). 


Schools can book guided tours of the museum from Monday to Friday, not if holiday days, until 30 June 2019. The service will be free for a limited number of guided tours and subject to availability and booking order. Alternatively, a charge of € 30 per guided tour (always for about 10 people for 1 hour) will be applied. To book a guided tour send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.indicating the name of the school and the address, the name of a person to contact with a telephone number, the number of students, any dates and times preferred. The secretariat will answer to consolidate and confirm the reservation. It will also be possible to call +39 049 8910189, although the lines could often be busy.

Extra-school Groups

For extra-school groups, even for single persons, it is possible to book the guided tour in midweek days and not on holidays, subject to booking by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and confirmation of availability. It costs € 40 for a group from 1 to about 10 people for 1 hour. To book, call +39 049-8910189 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Accessibility (IMPORTANT!)

Due to the particular architectural conformations, access to the bunker and the gas shelter is not possible for those who have problems walking or passing through narrow spaces or who are uncomfortable in tight and cramped areas. These people could still visit the remaining museum route.




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